Two Factor Authentication

Incapsula offers the simplest-to-implement Two-Factor Authentication solution for any website or application. Activated with a single click, without installing any plugins, making code changes or having to integrate with 3rd party authentication products.

Why use Incapsula’s Two Factor Authentication?
  • Protect administrative access to websites and applications (for example: Login to administrator areas).
  • Protect remote access to corporate web applications (for example: a company’s web mail, partners’ portal, employees’ portal, development application, etc.).
  • Restrict access to any part of a web application or any webpage (for example: new website page, temporary section, staging sites, etc).

Incapsula VS other Two Factor Authentication

IncapsulaOther Two Factor Authentication Soultions
Integration5-minute setup, no integration or coding.Requires Integration and coding.
ProtectionProtect any part of a web application.Protect Login pages.
Where?Appears before the protected page, blocking access to it.Appears on the protected page or after.
Central ManagementCentralized control over multiple logins, across several website.Requires separate integration for each website or application.
DisruptionNo disruption to the site’s existing User/Password protection and user database.Requires integration with existing User/Password protection and user database.

Incapsula’s Two Factor Authentication Advantages

5min setup

5-minute setup, no integration, coding, or software changes required.

No disruption to the site’s existing Username/Password database

No disruption to the site’s existing Username/Password page and user database.

Simple and immediate user provisioning

Simple and immediate user provisioning.

Centralized control over multiple logins

Centralized control over multiple logins, across several websites.

How to Activate?

Activating Incapsula’s two factor authentication is a 5-minute process. Once you activate Incapsula on your website, login to the Incapsula management console and go to the Login Protect settings screen:

  • 1. Enter the URL you want to protect.
  • 2. Choose your preferred methods of authentication: E-mail, SMS or Google Authenticator.
  • 3. Add the users that will be able to access this URL (Name and Email).
  • 4. These users will receive an email with a verification link. Through this link, the user will be taken to a page and asked to provide an email address and phone number for authentication (via SMS or email) and with a QR code for Google Authenticator.
  • That’s it! Now, anyone trying to access the protected page, will first receive an Incapsula Two Factor Authentication page where they’ll be asked to provide their one-time token.