Level 1 PCI-Certified Cloud Service

  • Protects you from liabilities and non-compliance penalties
  • Cost-effective, cloud-based WAF protects your customers' sensitive data

  • 5-minute activation without hardware/software installation
  • Complete auditing and rich graphical reporting capabilities
  • Improves application performance through Incapsula's global CDN

Why WAF for PCI 6.6 Compliance?

PCI DSS offers two alternatives for meeting requirement 6.6 – either install a WAF in front of your website or perform an application code review. For most merchants, application code reviews are costly, impractical and therefore a non-starter.

A WAF is clearly preferable, but traditional WAF solutions require in-depth IT and security knowledge and resources not available in all companies.

Why WAF for PCI 6.6 Compliance?

No Hassles and No
Management Overhead

You need to focus on what you do best – your business. That's why our cloud-based WAF takes overhead out of the equation. With Incapsula, you get immediate PCI-certified protection and compliance. We do the legwork, you reap the benefits.

  • 5-minute setup with no downtime
  • No hardware installation or software changes
  • No management overhead
  • Full auditing and reporting functionality
No Hassles and No Management Overhead

The Need for Speed

The Incapsula cloud-based WAF runs on top of our global content delivery network (CDN), which delivers full site acceleration through intelligent caching and content optimization tools.

Using this network of globally distributed data centers, we improve customer experience on your site as we protect it.

Easy PCI Reporting

Incapsula helps you produce PCI compliance reports, directly from its application dashboard.

These reports feature all of the information required by PCI auditors, including details of security configuration changes and status updates on your compliance with PCI 6.6 requirements.

Full Reporting Capabilities