Bot Mitigation

More than 95% of all website attacks are carried out by malicious bots. Using advanced client classification, crowdsourcing and reputation scoring, Incapsula distinguishes between "good" and "bad" bot traffic. This allows the blocking of known bad or suspicious bot activity such as comment spam, scraping and vulnerability scanning, while making sure that legitimate bots such as Google, Facebook and Pingdom can freely access your website.

In addition to the improved security, blocking malicious bots also improves website performance as they account to up to 50% of all website traffic.

Access Control: Bot Protection


Bot Access Control

Incapsula's client classification engine analyzes and classifies all incoming traffic to your site. This engine distinguishes between human and bot traffic, identifies "good" and "bad" bots, classifies traffic by browser type, and more. This granular level of information enables you to control who is allowed access to your website. There are three types of bots that Incapsula considers:

Access Control: Good Bots

Good Bots

These are bots such as Google’s search bots or Pingdom which are operated by well-known and commonly-used services. Incapsula’s client classification engine identifies these legitimate bots and allows them to access your site.

Access Control: Bad Bots

Bad Bots

These include comment spammers, SQL Injection worms, vulnerability scanners and other known malicious bots. Bad bots are automatically blocked by Incapsula to stop them from attacking your website.

Access Control: Suspected Bots

Suspected Bots

There are a huge number of bots on the web being used for various purposes. Unwanted bots generate redundant load on the webserver, pose the risk of scraping and content theft while not adding any value to the website itself. Incapsula provides an easy to use tool to stop these bots from accessing the website using the suspected bot setting.

Incapsula gives you several options for handling bad and suspected bots. You can choose to receive an alert (e.g., for monitoring purposes), block the bot, or challenge it with a CAPTCHA test to ensure that the visitor is human. Bad bots can be blocked at both the bot signature (user agent) and IP address levels.

Dedicated security rules for known vulnerabilities

Incapsula’s security team monitors hackers' activity, hacker communications and zero day exploits in order to make sure that websites using our service are protected. Using a home-grown database of all common website stacks, content management systems and e-commerce solutions, Incapsula applies dedicated security rules to proactively remediate known vulnerabilities from these sources. This means that any hacker trying to exploit a known vulnerability (e.g., in Wordpress or Apache) will be blocked. In this way, Incapsula minimizes the need for website owners to customize their security policy according to their specific website infrastructure.

Detailed Threat Analysis

Incapsula provides a detailed analysis of every threat that was posed to your website including: IP address, user agent, location, and other session information.

Access Control: Bot Filtering
Access Control: Threat Analysis