Company Background

Enjin allows video gamers to build and administer their own community websites and network with other gamers. Enjin has recently reached 3.5 million registered users and 200,000 hosted websites. Enjin serves a variety of gamers and popular online games such as Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and more. Enjin provides a content management system coupled with a social network layer geared towards guilds, clans and video gamers.

The Business & Technical Challenge

Daily DDoS attacks on the Enjin platform resulted in unnecessary and prolonged downtime for the thousands of sites on the Enjin network. These attacks included network level attacks ranging from 2Gbps to 10Gbps with various attack vectors such as UDP attacks but most commonly SYN floods which exploit the TCP three-way handshake to consume the server’s connection resources. The more challenging attacks were the diverse application level attacks. These attacks seem as if they are originating from legitimate sources, try to mimic human behavior and consume the backend computing resources of the website.

Enjin Case Study, DDoS Attack Mitigated

Maxim Blagov, CEO: “We were seeing daily DDOS attacks, sometimes multiple DDOS attacks in parallel on various client websites. Since Enjin is a global hosted community platform and social network, everyone was affected at the same time. We needed to make sure that no attack on any one website could bring other websites down. We have gone through paid evaluations of several DDoS Mitigation services, but all of them failed to block DDOS attacks automatically without serious side effects, as blocking legitimate visitors.”

Witold Radomski, CTO, Enjin: “Our network was finally clear from the endless onslaught of crippling UDP & SYN flood attacks that we had been experiencing. Using The Incapsula dashboard, we were able to see exactly when each attack was happening, and continue delivering service to millions of users during the attack. We also saw a sharp drop in unwanted bot activity, which resulted in a 20% drop in load on our servers. A key feature we were looking for is a very low false positive rate during mitigation. Incapsula proved to have a near zero false positive rate, and legitimate users had no trouble accessing Enjin websites during prolonged DDOS attacks.”

The Solution

Once Enjin decided to evaluate Incapsula’s Cloud-Based DoS protection, Incapsula’s team quickly helped the Enjin team to setup a few of their websites on the service.

Gur Shatz, Incapsula’s CEO: “Once Enjin joined Incapsula, we immediately identified that the Enjin network was under various types of attacks at almost any given time, both network and application level attacks.

While the network based attacks were absorbed by our network’s backbone, the application layer attacks were very diverse. We reliedvery heavily on our bot detection and progressive DDoS challenge technology, to block 100% of attackers transparently, without incurring any noticeable effect to almost all ofthe real users.

Maintaining the best possible customer experience was a key consideration for Enjin. It was very apparent why other DDoS protection services that involve delays, CAPTCHAs and other side effects on visitors would not work for them. Also, a DDoS solution that isn’t fully automated, will keep Enjin’s team constantly busy to enable/disable the protection service.

Our ability to allow human and legitimate bot traffic to access the website with no interruption, while filtering network and application level DDoS traffic, allowed Enjin to put their DDoS problems behind and focus on what they do best, which is building a great platform for the online gamers community.”

Results and Benefits

Incapsula is now a critical component of Enjin’s security infrastructure. All traffic to the Enjin network and hosted websites passes through Incapsula for screening. Malicious traffic and DDOS attacks are blocked automatically.

Enjin is taking advantage of Incapsula DDoS Protection key benefits to secure its online properties:

Protection against Network and Application Level Attacks

Through a worldwide network of multi-gigabit scrubbing centers and bot mitigation technology, Incapsula provides an on-demand complete protection for both network and application level DDoS attacks.

24x7 Managed Security Service

The Incapsula DDoS security team monitors attacks and is available on-demand before, during or after attacks to ensure your site is up and running and performing optimally.

Zero Business Disruption

The Incapsula CDN and bot mitigation technology ensure that even under attack, website traffic is accelerated and legitimate visitors are not delayed or denied access to the site.

Provides a complete, real time view of incoming traffic, security events and server load distribution, allowing rapid response to security events and supporting real-time data driven decisions.