Offer enterprise-grade, cloud-based web application security and DDoS mitigation services with seamless integration to your SIEM

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Hosting Providers

Keep your hosted websites secure, fast and always available using Incapsula's cloud-based solution.

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Grow your bottom line by reselling Incapsula's website security and performance services to large and small online businesses.

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Web Service Providers

Enhance your service and generate new revenues while improving your customers’ security & performance.

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Why Partner With Incapsula

Enterprise-grade Website Security and Performance

Thousands of online businesses worldwide trust Incapsula for enterprise-grade website security and performance

Easy to Sell

Easy to sell - no hardware/software installtion, integrations or changes to your customer's websites.

Grow Revenues and Upsales

Grow revenues and upsales by diversifying and enhancing your service portfolio.

Dedicated Reseller Portal

Remote management through a dedicated, multi-tenant Reseller Portal.

Easy API-based integration

Easy API-based integration allowing automated customer provisioning, single sign-on and event feed capture.

Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction through better website security, faster performance and reduced costs.

Among Our Partners

Tim Thomas ControlScan

After providing Incapsula’s WAF and CDN to our customer, they have seen immediate success blocking real threats, and great improvements in the performance of their Websites.