Offer enterprise-grade, cloud-based web application security and DDoS mitigation services with seamless integration to your SIEM

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Hosting Providers

Keep your hosted websites secure, fast and always available using Incapsula's cloud-based solution.

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Grow your bottom line by reselling Incapsula's website security and performance services to large and small online businesses.

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Web Service Providers

Enhance your service and generate new revenues while improving your customers’ security & performance.

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Why Partner With Incapsula

Enterprise-grade Website Security and Performance

Thousands of online businesses worldwide trust Incapsula for enterprise-grade website security and performance

Easy to Sell

Easy to sell - no hardware/software installtion, integrations or changes to your customer's websites.

Grow Revenues and Upsales

Grow revenues and upsales by diversifying and enhancing your service portfolio.

Dedicated Reseller Portal

Remote management through a dedicated, multi-tenant Reseller Portal.

Easy API-based integration

Easy API-based integration allowing automated customer provisioning, single sign-on and event feed capture.

Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction through better website security, faster performance and reduced costs.

Among Our Partners

Among Our Partners
Tim Thomas - ControlScan
Tim Thomas ControlScan

After providing Incapsula’s WAF and CDN to our customer, they have seen immediate success blocking real threats, and great improvements in the performance of their Websites.