Incapsula vs. Akamai

“Incapsula's DDoS Protection service is always on and automatically detects the onset of an attack, which triggers protective measures..."
Top Ten Reviews
“In an era where the cloud is becoming the preferred way to deliver content, Incapsula secures and improves the performance of your website”
SC Magazine
“Incapsula security puts a 'virtual shield' around your website”

DDoS Protection
Protection against the largest volumetric attacks
Full application-layer visibility
Mitigation of attacks against DNS servers
Protection of non-web infrastructure services (FTP, SMTP, VOIP, etc.)
Protection of origin IP addresses against DDoS attacks
Immediate, "always on" detection and mitigation of Application Layer attacks
Mitigation of application-layer attacks with <0.01% false positives
Real-time visibility and control
Instant propagation of custom security rules
Number of DDoS data centers
Content Delivery Network
Compression and minification for improved request load time
Content and network optimization for minimum latency
Serving cached resources directly from physical memory
Secondary level caching on SSD's for real-time cache updates
Intelligent and optimized caching of both static and dynamically generated content
Live video streaming
Application delivery rules (e.g. redirections based on cookies, header, etc)
WebSockets support
Website Security
Proprietary, Gartner Magic Quadrant-leading, PCI-compliant Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Access Control (white/black listing)
IP reputation-based monitoring system
API Integration
Client classification algorithms to mitigate advanced bots
Transparent, progressive challenges for minimal user impact and reduced false positives
Backdoor protection to guard against malware infection
Two factor authentication to prevent breach by stolen passwords
Self Service Customization of security rules
60-second security rule propagation
Productized SIEM integration with premade dashboards
Load Balancing
Global server load balancing
Application layer Local server load balancing
Application layer site failover
Real-time application layer health monitoring
Online Ticketing System
24/7/365 phone support
24/7/365 access to Security Operations Center engineers
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