Over 5,000 AWS-hosted websites use Incapsula!

Incapsula DDoS Protection for AWS

  • Leverages Incapsula’s global network of data centers
  • Transparent mitigation with very low false positives (< 0.01%)
  • Supported by 24 × 7 security team and a 99.999% uptime SLA
  • Easy, 5-minute onboarding
  • Provided as always on or on demand service
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Incapsula for AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Incapsula for AWS - Frequently Asked Questions

Incapsula for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Incapsula offers an enterprise-grade, cloud-based, application delivery solution for organizations hosting applications on AWS. It complements AWS by providing best-of-breed web application security and DDoS protection. Incapsula simultaneously offers advanced load balancing capabilities that enable you to maximize the performance and availability of your web applications.

DDoS Protection

Incapsula’s always on service secures AWS-based websites and applications against all types of DDoS attacks—from massive volumetric network (OSI layers 3, 4) barrages to sophisticated application (layer 7) assaults. Automatic detection and transparent mitigation of DDoS penetrations minimizes false positives, ensuring a normal user experience—even when under attack.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Our enterprise-grade, PCI-certified WAF defends your AWS-hosted application against any hacking attempt—including OWASP Top 10 threats. Incapsula’s WAF utilizes sophisticated traffic inspection technology and crowdsourcing techniques, coupled with our extensive knowhow to deliver end-to-end application security. Advanced features include a custom rules engine (IncapRules), backdoor shell protection, and integrated two-factor authentication.

Load Balancing

Cloud-based, layer 7-aware load balancing optimizes load distribution based on actual traffic flow to each virtual server. Incapsula supports both local and global server load balancing (GSLB), geo-balancing among AWS regions, and near-instantaneous failover and rerouting. Real-time monitoring enables a data-driven response to traffic flow changes.