The Challenge

The cost and complexity of security and application delivery is getting steeper. And the appliances you depend on are becoming less reliable as they struggle to keep up with demand.

The Challenge of Cloud-based Application Deliver

A Cloud Solution

Incapsula reduces costs and simplifies operations by consolidating multiple appliances or services into a single service that is designed to meet the needs of small and large enterprises.

Incapsula - Cloud-based Application Delivery

How It Works

A simple change to your DNS activates Incapsula—no hardware or software is required. Once activated, Incapsula accelerates content delivery with a combination of caching and content optimization.

Incapsula filters malicious traffic for web sites, single IP addresses in the cloud or entire networks—blocking everything from DDoS assaults to spamming attempts to more sophisticated database injection attacks. Incapsula also provides load balancing and failover within your data center or across global data centers.

Incapsula dashboard gives you a live view traffic flow. IncapRules allow you to create custom security and application delivery polices to meet your exact needs.


Sophisticated Website Security

Recognized by Gartner for innovation, Incapsula WAF secures websites against known and emerging threats, including SQL injections, remote file injections, cross site scripting and more.

Incapsula WAF protects against spammers, scrapers and other malicious bots without ever interfering with legitimate users. Incapsula is also PCI-certified.

Application Security - Web Application Firewall

Global CDN

Incapsula is a global CDN that uses advanced caching and optimization techniques to improve connection and response speeds. On average, Incapsula boosts speed by 50% and decreases bandwidth consumption by 60%.

Application Availability - DDoS Protection

Powerful DDoS Protection

Incapsula sets the standard for DDoS Protection, offering a portfolio of services that protect against the largest network, application and DNS targeted attacks. Protection is available for web servers, single IP addresses or entire Class C networks.

Customers are supported by a 24/7 NOC and a dedicated security team. Incapsula mitigates DDoS attacks instantly, offers a better end‐user experience, and is simple to activate and use.

Application Availability - DDoS Protection

Load Balancing and Failover

Incapsula redefines load balancing and failover by moving it to the cloud. Incapsula immediately routes traffic within and across data centers—even across multiple cloud service providers distributed globally. Health monitoring, notification and traffic shaping service complete the optional Load Balancer.

Application Performance and Availability - Load Balancing and Failover