The Challenge

Whether you’re running a small e-commerce business or are in charge of enterprise IT operations, the cost and complexity of different systems and appliances you integrate and manage continues to skyrocket. At the same time, you need powerful tools to ensure your website is always available and secure while delivering an optimal user experience.

The Challenge of Cloud-based Application Deliver
Incapsula - Cloud-based Application Delivery

Incapsula’s Cloud-Based Solution

Whether you need a web application firewall or DDoS protection, CDN, load balancing or Failover solutions, Incapsula's got you covered. Our inclusive, cloud-based solution allows online businesses to simplify their IT operations and reduce costs by consolidating multiple services and appliances into a single enterprise-grade cloud service.

How Does It Work

Once activated through a simple DNS change (and without requiring any additional hardware or software), Incapsula’s global CDN routes all traffic to your website and web applications—intelligently profiling it in real-time to block even the latest web threats.

Leveraging Incapsula’s proven security expertise, our PCI-certified web application firewall and advanced bot protection capabilities secure any website against known and emerging threats. It thwarts all OWASP threats—from bots, scrapers, and spammers to sophisticated injection and XSS attacks. All network and application DDoS attacks are also mitigated, as are application-level attacks.

Meanwhile, outgoing traffic is both accelerated and optimized by Incapsula’s caching and optimization techniques, ensuring optimal pass-through speed for welcome visitors.


Everything You Need for Effective Application Delivery

Application Security - Web Application Firewall

Enterprise-Grade Website Security

Leveraging proven security expertise, Incapsula's PCI-certified Web Application Firewall and advanced bot protection capabilities secure any website against known and emerging threats. This ranges from blocking "bad bots", such as spammers, scrapers and vulnerability scanners, to sophisticated SQL Injections, XSS and other application level attacks.

High-Powered Global CDN & Optimizer

Incapsula’s application-aware CDN is the platform through which we deliver enterprise grade security and performance services. Comprised of a worldwide distributed network, it boosts your website performance through advanced caching and optimization techniques. On average, websites using Incapsula are 50% faster and consume 60% less bandwidth.

Application Availability - DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

Incapsula secures websites against all types of DDoS attacks—including network, application, and DNS targeted attacks—with zero business disruption. Leveraging a high-capacity global network and dedicated 24/7 NOC, this “always on” service ensures enterprise-grade uptime SLA even when under attack. In addition, infrastructure protection lets enterprises protect entire subnet ranges from OSI network-layer attacks.

Load Balancing & Failover

Incapsula provides OSI layer 7 load balancing and failover, data center failover (DR), and global server load balancing (GSLB) directly from the cloud, with advanced, real-time health monitoring and notifications.

Application Performance and Availability - Load Balancing and Failover