IS Group Bolsters Service Portfolio and Drives New Revenues by Reselling Incapsula’s Application Delivery Services

IS Group is a business cloud services provider offering a complete portfolio of hosting and managed services to companies whose operations depend on the uptime, security and performance of their websites and online applications. To maximize the value it brings to clients, IS Group chose to resell Incapsula’s affordable, cloud-based Application Delivery solution as part of its service portfolio.

Massive DDoS attack on BTC China, World’s Largest Bitcoin Platform

BTC China is the world's largest digital currency exchange (approximately 40,000 bitcoins/day). Before on-boarding Incapsula, daily high-volume network attacks were wreaking havoc with business operations, resulting in downtime for its online trading platform. While conducting an initial trial with Incapsula’s anti-DDoS platrform, BTC China experienced a 100Gbps DDoS attacks – one of Internet’s largest to date…

Bitstamp Maximizes Website Security and Availability

Founded in August 2011, Bitstamp is currently the world’s third largest bitcoin exchange. This EU-based company operates an online trading platform that allows European and international traders to safely buy and sell bitcoins in USD or EUR currency. Bitstamp’s previous cloud-based DDoS mitigation service supported load balancing via DNS, which by definition is TTL-reliant…

Incapsula protects Enjin network from crippling DDoS attacks

Enjin is a network of gaming community portals with 3.5 million registered users and 200,000 hosted websites. Before onboarding Incapsula, Enjin network suffered from various disruptive DDoS attacks, including SYN floods which exploited TCP three-way handshake to consume the server’s connection resources. These daily attacks demanded reliable, effective and user-friendly solution.

How Incapsula protected eToro’s s trading environment from recurring DDoS attacks

eToro empowers more than 2.75 million users in more than 140 countries worldwide to trade currencies, commodities and stocks through an innovative online and mobile investment platform. Etoro was suffering from both network (Layer 3 & 4) and application (Layer 7) DDoS attacks, which required 360-degree anti-DDoS solution. With multiple websites, trading systems and proprietary API’s, implementing Incapsula had to be done quickly but carefully...

Hosted eCommerce Solutions Case Study:

Neto's hosted e-commerce solutions enable businesses to develop and maintain online stores that integrate with leading accounting platforms, payment gateways, shipping carriers and sales channels. Neto’s customers include some of Australia's best known online retail success stories and Australia's largest eBay trader. Their complete end-to-end service offering includes: hosted e-commerce software solutions, website & ebay store design, online marketing, 3rd party logistics, training and consultation services.

Outlet Avenue Uses Incapsula's to Maximize Availability and Performance

OUTLET AVENUE is a large online outlet store mainly focused on fashion, accessories, home decoration, entertainment and high-tech. Founded in late 2009, OUTLET AVENUE serves customers in France, Belgium, The Netherlands & Luxembourg through multiple website domains in several languages. In 2012, some 32,000 unique customers purchased products from their online stores.