Installing and working with "Incapsula For Joomla!"

  • 1. Download the component from JED or from the download section.
  • 2. Install the component on your Joomla website –
    • Login to the administrator section
    • Go to Extensions > Extension manager > Installc.
    • Choose the package file and click upload & install.
Joomla Extension Manager, Installation
3. The welcome screen

If this is the first time using the Incapsula service, please enter your email and validate your domain. If all goes well, your account is created and it's time to login to your email and complete the registration by clicking the link sent by Incapsula's service.

Welcome to Joomla Screen
4. The DNS page

This page will show the status of your Domain's DNS status (if not updated already). Updating the DNS is a simple procedure, please login to your Domain administration website and find the setting for updating A records and CNAME records and follow the DNS page guidelines. When you are all set, please click on the "I completed the DNS changes" button in order to validate the DNS changes have propagated successfully.

The DNS page, Configuring DNS Records
5. Login Page

If you already have an active account, you can login to Incapsula service from here. Please use the login credentials you setup on registering to the service. The login service will recognize if you have multiple websites signed to the service and populate a list in order to select the correct website.

Joomla Extension Login Page