DDoS Mitigation Services

"If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked.”

Richard Clarke

DDoS attack, who’s at risk?

DDoS-Mitigation-Alert Simply put: everyone. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are today plaguing companies, organizations, governments, and even individuals with a prominent web presence.

The driving forces behind the proliferation of DDoS? The simplicity and low cost of putting an attack in motion, and the relative impunity attackers enjoy. Simple, low-cost toolkits such as Low Orbit Ion Cannon and Dirt Jumper leave no web site or network safe.

Several recent studies showed that rates of attack are on the rise – with a 60% above average in December 2013 and growing. And attack motivations are ever more diverse. For example, the Arizona Department of Public Safety was recently the target of DDoS by hacker group Lulz Security (LulzSec), in protest over Arizona’s rigid immigration policy. Other attacks are motivated by business rivalry – since an unresponsive web site is no longer a competitor for sales – personal grudges, or even just for sport, on a hacker’s whim.

DDoS Mitigation: Preliminary Precautions

Since all sites are at risk, everyone should take DDoS mitigation seriously. However, organizations with significant online financial or reputational assets should take immediate DDoS mitigation action.

Even those still considering their DDoS mitigation options should at the very least conduct ongoing monitoring to be aware of threats. For example, regular online reconnaissance is advisable. Take note of online buzz about your organization, and look for hints of budding hacktivism focus. Subscribe to free security assessment reports that cover DDoS incidents and emerging DDoS techniques.

And once you know of relevant threats, take note of basic mitigation recommendations like implementing content filter rules or modifying your firewall settings. In the event that you are attacked, pre-prepare a communications strategy that will let your customers know what’s going on, and what you’re doing about it.

Finally, you should at least know how to find a DDoS mitigation service, if you’re under attack and need a quick remedy. Services like that provided by Incapsula can deliver reasonably-priced protection in just minutes – keeping your site from crashing in the event of an attack, or at least minimizing downtime.

HTTP flood - 690,000,000 DDOS requests from 180,000 botnets IPsIncapsula mitigates a massive HTTP flood: 690,000,000 DDoS requests from 180,000 botnets IPs.

Incapsula’s Cloud-Based DDoS Mitigation Services

Whether you’re actually under DDoS attack or only under threat of attack, Incapsula’s cloud-based DDoS protection services are cost-effective, easy to implement, and require no hardware or software installation or maintenance.

Incapsula protects against all types of DDoS attacks, including:

Volume Based Attacks

Incapsula’s global scrubbing center network scales on demand to absorb multi-gigabyte DDoS attacks. This is often known as DDoS deflation.

Protocol Attacks

Incapsula mitigates protocol attacks by blocking “bad” traffic before it reaches your site. Incapsula does this by differentiating between malicious or automated clients and legitimate website visitors (human or bot).

Application Layer Attacks

Incapsula constantly monitors the behavior of your site visitors, blocks known bad bots, and challenges unrecognized visitor with JS test, cookie challenge, or even CAPTCHAs.

Incapsula DDoS protection, DDoS attack mitigatedIncapsula mitigates 100GBps DDoS attack. One of Internet's largest.

Aside from the fact that it is the most cost-effective and comprehensive solution on the market, the most important point regarding Incapsula’s DDoS mitigation services is that they are applied outside your network. With Incapsula, only filtered traffic reaches your hosts, no matter what. This protects your investment in hardware, software, and network infrastructure and simultaneously ensures business continuity.

Moreover, Incapsula maintains an extensive DDoS threat knowledge base, which keeps track of new and emerging attack methods, and is constantly-updated. To keep your web site safe, Incapsula identifies new threats as they emerge, detects malicious users, and applies remedies in real-time across all our protected websites.