Robert Kennnedy, SuperControl.co.uk
Robert Kennedy SuperControl.co.uk

"Our booking software processes a large number of transactions by clients in more than 30 countries, and must be fully PCI DSS compliant. We also store sensitive customer and client data and so security is a top priority. We have tried a number of web application firewalls, but none has come close to the level of service offered by Incapsula. An extremely user-friendly control panel, a very responsive support, and it has worked flawlessly for months dealing with our high traffic volumes."

Maxim Blagov, Enjin.com
Maxim Blagov Enjin.com

"After starting to use Incapsula's DDoS Protection, our network was finally clear from the endless onslaught of crippling UDP & SYN flood attacks that we had been experiencing. Using Incapsula's dashboard, we were able to see exactly when each attack was happening, and continue delivering service to millions of users during the attack. We also saw a sharp drop in unwanted bot activity, which resulted in a 20% drop in load on our servers.A key feature we were looking for is a very low false positive rate during mitigation. Incapsula proved to have a near zero false positive rate, and legitimate users had no trouble accessing Enjin websites during prolonged DDOS attacks."

Tom Burgess, LinkableNetworks.com
Tom Burgess LinkableNetworks.com

"We chose Incapsula to protect our web-application from DDoS attacks for a few reasons: It’s a PCI Certified Service, automatic detection and protection of threats and DDoS attacks, the implementation was straightforward, it provides a good web portal with a fair number of useful buttons, knobs, and reports, and last – great support when we needed it."

Tim Thomas, ControlScan.com
Tim Thomas ControlScan.com

"The Incapsula Web Application Firewall is a great tool for us to add to our line of managed security services. Our customers have seen immediate success blocking real threats, preventing them from falling victim to the thousands of hackers and bots on the Internet. They have also seen great improvements in the performance of their Websites. The increased bandwidth allows them to incorporate higher quality graphics into their site and improve the overall ecommerce experience for their online customers."

Johnathan Assia, eToro.com
Jonathan Assia eToro.com

"With Incapsula, we are able to focus on managing our business: the world’s largest investment network. Incapsula handles all the network and application DDoS attacks that impact our uptime and availability. When it comes to DDoS attacks, support is one of the most important factors is choosing a service. Incapsula provides us with fantastic 24x7 support. We know that if something goes wrong, they are available. Their experience in protecting financial institutes and online trading companies is clearly apparent, and I’m happy that we have made the right choice."

Ryan Murtagh, Neto.com.au
Ryan Murtagh Neto.com.au

"Incapsula has enabled us to provide a more robust, secure and ultimately faster hosting service to our merchants (especially those operating on a global scale). We have built Incapsula into our application using their API, making it readily available to all our merchants. The peace of mind that comes with a service like Incapsula cannot be discounted; it is good to know that our own internal team is being backed up by a team of experts in the field of cloud security and optimization."

Jan Husdal, Husdal.com
Jan Husdal Husdal.com

"Being the editor of known blog, I naturally also care about its security and continuity. That is why I decided to try a couple of web application firewalls, including Incapsula. To my surprise I could see that I was indeed subject to a number of potentially malicious visitors, who were now blocked from ever visiting again. In turn, not only is my site now safe, it is also faster, since it no longer has to deal with traffic that has no real reason to be there. Incapsula offer for free the security that some other competitors charge extra for, a clear statement that Incapsula always puts security first, as it should be."

Leon Kuperman, Bidz.com
Leon Kuperman Bidz.com

"Working with Incapsula has been a great experience. They worked closely with our IT operations team when we needed them most, during a crippling DDOS attack. I was able to get key members from the Incapsula team on the phone on a Sunday morning, which means the world to me. Incapsula was able to get us up and running, blocking bot traffic quickly. Once we could show that we were able to successfully thwart DDOS attacks with Incapsula, the criminals went away looking for easier targets."

Jones Ajayi, Foodstransfer.com
Jones Ajayi Foodstransfer.com

"I have an eCommerce retail website, and I have tried using similar services to Incapsula's. But after a few hours of just browsing around the dashboard...it's like when you meet the right girl, you know you will be spending the rest of your life with...:). To sum it up: For me, Incapsula is like hiring a System Administrator that never sleeps for $50 a month..keep the good work guys! I'm impressed."

Tom Green, ePassportphoto.com
Tom Green ePassportphoto.com

ePassportPhoto.com has been revolutionizing the passport photos business since 2005. The service serves millions of users from 200 different countries and territories

After using Incapsula for the past 6 month, we are extremely happy with the service. We have seen a reduction of 55% in bandwidth consumption, our service loads 30% faster and we see virtually zero (0) comment spam but most importantly, all malicious attack attempts have been blocked, keeping our data and users safe.