Enterprise Grade Website Security

Incapsula's PCI-certified Web Application Firewall, advanced Bot detection and access control technologies protect any website against known and emerging web application threats.

Incapsula CDN: Website Security

Global CDN & Optimizer

Incapsula's application aware CDN boosts website performance by using advanced networking, dynamic caching and content optimization techniques.


DDoS Protection

Incapsula automatically detects and blocks any type of DDoS attacks including network, protocol and application layer attacks - backed by dedicated, 24x7 security experts.

Incapsula CDN: DDoS Protection from the Cloud
Incapsula CDN: Load Balancing and Failover

Load Balancing & Failover

Incapsula provides Layer 7 Load Balancing & Failover, Data Center Failover (DR) and Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) directly from the cloud, with advanced & real time health monitoring and notifications.